Organizing weddings on yachts is a popular trend, and more and more couples choose Halong Bay cruises to preserve beautiful moments of their big day.

Here are 5 reasons why Halong Bay Cruise will be the ideal location for your wedding

Wedding on Halong cruise

1. Professional staff

Today, to prepare for your precious wedding, you will not have to worry about preparation anymore. Let go of those worries and enjoy your days happily, because the staff on the  Cruise   are always happy to help and clearly plan to make your big day perfect.

When holding a wedding ceremony  on a Cruise , the bride and groom will be able to spend time with their loved ones and fully enjoy their big day without having to worry about party preparation!

2. The wedding will be held more than 1 day

Holding a wedding ceremony on a  Yacht , you will not be limited to the party within a few hours. Instead you can enjoy the party up to any point during your 1 or 2 night cruise on  the Cruise  with lots of exciting activities – instead of just a simple wedding ceremony. A multi-day wedding gives you and your partner more private time with family and friends. 

yacht wedding party

evening scene

3. Guests enjoy the wedding like a trip

With regular weddings, the wedding guests will then return home. However, when you choose to hold a wedding ceremony on a yacht, special guests will not only join your wedding but also enjoy a  trip in Ha Long Bay  with many interesting activities, instead Thank you to your guests for taking the time to come to this big day.

4. Unique Deck Wedding Party

Have you always dreamed of a romantic wedding in the middle of a romantic sea? The main deck is the perfect choice with open space and magnificent views of  Ha Long Bay . The bride and groom can optionally choose thematic decoration styles for their wedding party to be more unique. 

Sunset is the most ideal time to hold a wedding ceremony, before guests enjoy dinner  on the yacht. 

the wedding

5. Private Island Wedding

Not only space on the yacht, a wedding on a deserted private beach is completely possible in your Halong Bay cruise   . The bride and groom can choose to hold a wedding ceremony or a dinner party on the pristine beach in the middle  of Ha Long Bay , with the dreamy space of the long white sand beach and emerald green sea.

Wedding on Ha Long Bay

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