Our mission

Le Journey Cruises are built not just to last. We work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations, to delight, and to satisfy; we ensure the longevity of our business and the world within. We can be best described by our principles of management:

Vision                  Most “people-centric company”


To enrich people lives with Vietnamese uniqueness explore in cultures and natural landscape via refined waterway voyages; done in a way that create more sustainable business and better share future.

Core Values

Authentic Voyages

We craft the brand as a choice of best value cruise line to refresh people in body and spirit.  Our trips are to create authentic and unique cruise experiences that include cultural and natural insights, charming local encounters, and adventures. Our bespoke itineraries visit the outstanding areas in Ha Long Bay and add the element of surprise to make you feel like a pioneer setting foot in seemingly uncharted land. Of course, we do not miss out on the famous sights and must-visit spots.

‘Home from Home’ Experience

Not just to ensure guests’ interests are our top priority, from the moment you set foot on board you are recognized like an old friend returning home. The intimate bonds with our staff last throughout our journey as they treat you with warm hospitality and passion to make you feel happy and satisfied.

Local Community

We recognize and appreciate our responsibility as active participants in our local communities. We believe in giving our time to community and service organizations. We also believe in working hard to protect the environment; all our staffs are committed to taking part in environmental initiatives and Go Green campaigns. We support local communities and businesses by partnering with them to sustain their existence with a responsible approach. We also support education and disadvantages via charity partners.


Century-old cultures, native costumes, local life, and natural landscape all reflect the soul and identity of a country and its communities. We craft travel with an eye on the conversation and protection of these priceless ethics and principles. The beauty of Ha Long Bay lives through its unspoiled nature. Le Journey Cruise contributes its part to protect the environment with an eco-friendly waste management system and water treatment technology.

We are not content to sit back but rather we challenge ourselves to increase our involvement within the global community. We welcome ideas and input from our customers, staff, and suppliers.


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