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Organizing a yacht event  is not like any other normal professional event. Organizing events on a yacht will give participants a new and comfortable feeling like being on a vacation, will easily leave an impression and help businesses easily achieve their original goals. So how should this type of event be organized?

Organizing events on yachts  is one of the forms of event organization that has been born for many years. When it was originally formed, most of it was used to focus on families and giants with a lot of money. But it is because of the comfort and relaxation that the cruise experience brings that has led to the formation of event organization services on the yacht and professional event organizers such as now. 

Currently, the organization of events on yachts is increasingly chosen by businesses/companies, unions, etc. to organize. Since today’s customers are from many walks of life, the amount of yacht rental and event organization is not much and it is not as important as the feeling of relaxation for the participants themselves. It can be said that events organized under this category are more and more growing and growing.


When meetings are held in the usual way, they become boring and seem to increase the feeling of tension, fatigue, restraint, and pressure for attendees. Then the event space on the yacht will bring you a new experience, full of excitement and fun, comfort. 

And everyone involved often concludes that “the time passing with the momentum of the work seems to be slowed down, replaced by the feeling of open nature and the clear blue sky that helps to recreate feeling, the soul is comfortable and free for people”. 

Indeed, just imagine if there is no longer the noise of motorbikes and cars, the level of air pollution and noise pollution is still there? Therefore, on the yacht can enjoy the feeling of comfort, relaxation and rare fresh air. 

Everything is quiet, stopped to replace the beautiful nature, the cool breeze rising from the river, the blue sea mixed with a little sunshine, accompanied by a wide view, helping you to In the distance, you can see the clouds, the sky, and the mountains in the distance. Event attendees will feel comfortable, seeing a whole new space. 


With the type of  event organization on the yacht  , there are not only important events for businesses / companies but also many other types such as weddings, etc. Each type of event has its own unique characteristics. separate requirements but all have the same organizational process. Specifically, the process below:

*) Receive information from customers:

The first event maker will receive the requested information from the customer or from the superiors of the company that organizes the event he or she is working on. From there to get the initial visualization and outline of the event:

– What type of event is it?

– The reason and time of the organization. 

– What are the participants and the number of participants? 

– Communication goals

– Other organizational requirements…

*) Make the main idea and idea for the event

Once you have the basic required information about the event, you will begin to develop the main idea and theme for the event. The main idea is likened to the “soul” of the event and this idea can be given by the customer or created by the event team based on background information. And after you have the idea, proceed to the theme for the event such as: main colors, images, sounds, … to match that idea. 


*) Organizational planning

– Event time

– Event venue

– Design event images such as: Backdrop, bandroll, standee or invitation card, invitation ticket…

– Detailed content for the event program, including what activities, how long it takes, what decoration and tools need to be prepared, …

– What human resources are needed, such as: MC, receptionist, …

– Media planning. 

– Calculate possible risks in advance and then prepare a treatment plan (It rains or loses power, …)

– Estimating costs and quotes.

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