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When is the pick-up time in Hanoi?

We will pick you up in Hanoi at around 8.45am - 9.15am. Time is not too early, not too late, move just right, you can relax to drink coffee, have breakfast while waiting.

Where do we get picked up by the bus?

Pick up and drop off points are your hotels if located in Hanoi Old Quarter. Outside this area, the car picks up at The Coffee house in Hanoi Towers. There is a waiting area here, in case of rain or wind, there are still cafes for you to stop by, in addition, you can park your car, shop, and have coffee here.

How to identify Paradise Vietnam shuttle bus? Is there a support staff?

You can recognize Paradise's shuttle bus through the golden Paradise Group logo and website, most of our vehicles are luxury black limousines, with 08 spacious and airy seats inside. , full utilities, watching movies, charging phones, drinking water, free wifi. Besides, Paradise Vietnam owns a team of experienced drivers who have been with the brand for a long time, drivers wearing Paradise Vietnam uniforms are in charge of arranging luggage for guests, stabilizing pre-booked seats, and fastening seat belts. full and moving. In addition, the sales staff will directly assist guests at the pick-up point to make the travel process more convenient.

What should we prepare before going?

With your chosen itinerary, consider bringing enough luggage, light clothes in the summer and a thermal jacket in the fall and winter. In addition, to experience the swimming pool and water activities, you should prepare swimwear and necessary equipment. We encourage you to bring medical supplies such as bug sprays, medications to treat personal related symptoms if available.
For large luggage we have support staff, small luggage please hand in hand.

How long does it take to drive from Hanoi to Ha Long?

It takes about 2.5 hours to drive from Hanoi to Ha Long and vice versa. All private shuttles and transfers leave Hanoi Old Quarter around 9am and arrive in Tuan Chau around 11:30am.

Do you have any stops on the way to Ha Long?

On the way to Ha Long, Paradise Vietnam's shuttle bus will stop at Hai Duong stop. Here you can handle your personal needs, besides you can combine shopping with specialties of the three regions, enjoy tea and coffee or have a late breakfast before the car continues to depart.

Are there any foods for children and vegetarians?

Our experienced executive chefs have created a diverse set of menus for different needs from vegetarian menus, children's menus and even vegan menus to suit all all types of diets. However, visitors need to notify at least 2 working days in advance so that we can prepare the most thoughtfully.

Is it safe for pregnant women and children?

All cruises are safe for pregnant women and children. In case of an emergency, the crew on board is ready to help and can call a speedboat to safely return to the mainland to transfer guests to the nearest medical facility.

Is there Wi-Fi on the yacht?

Wi-Fi is available in the restaurants and bars on our cruise, but connection may be unstable due to the geography of Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha.

If I get seasick, can I continue to cruise?

Yes, you can continue your journey even if you are seasick. Our yacht crew on board are ready to help you with anything and have been trained to treat seasickness.

What is the check-in process upon arrival? How is baggage divided? Does anyone bring luggage up for guests or do guests have to carry it themselves?

You check-in according to the standard time frame: 11h-12h.
Need to show ID/CCCD/passport, then receive room key, confirm the number of checked baggage. Paradise staff will assist with carrying large, heavy suitcases. Please carry small bags and personal items in your hand.

Where can Lan Ha swim, where can Halong swim?

Lan Ha: Currently, you are free to swim (requires you to wear a life jacket when swimming).
Ha Long: You can only swim at Titop beach area because the management needs to control the safety of guests.

After dinner time, are there any other activities besides squid fishing?

All Our cruises have an area for guests who want to relax with music while sipping a drink (3rd floor) and a sundeck for guests who want to enjoy a drink.

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