Experience a day as a fisherman on Ha Long Bay

Here, visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, enjoy the fresh air, but also participate in a special one-day Ha Long tour on a Ha Long cruise, be a fisherman and kayak, explore Ferry interesting points in the middle of the sea.
Passenger cruise ships depart from Bai Chay tourist port early in the morning and follow the direction to Bai Tu Long Bay. On the journey to the fishing village, the ship passed quite a few rocky islands with various shapes on the shimmering and fanciful water surface. Local people name the islands according to their shape, such as Hon Am, Hon Face, Hon Oan…

Experience a day as a fisherman on Ha Long Bay
Experience a day as a fisherman on Ha Long Bay


Joining the Ha Long tour “One day as a fisherman”, tourists from many places want to discover the daily life of fishermen at sea. When being introduced by the tour guide about the one-day program as a fisherman, visitors can not only discover the natural beauty of Ha Long Bay but also live with the fishermen and participate in activities taking place in the bay’s fishing village. Ha Long as fishing, rafting, kayaking around the cave and living right at the raft houses on Ha Long Bay….

After nearly 4 hours on the cruise ship, the group of tourists set foot on the rafts of the fishermen of Vung Vieng fishing village. 24 km from the mainland, Vung Vieng fishing village is located in a quiet, peaceful location with charming scenery. More than 160 residents living in the fishing village still retain the traditional activities of the fishing community on Ha Long Bay. That is also the reason why this fishing village has become a tourist product exploited by many tour operators.

Vung Vieng fishing village

The group of tourists was divided into small groups, equipped with life jackets and put on bamboo boats. The boat is brought to a position where the fishermen think there are many fish and tourists can row and fish like real fishermen. First, the fishermen guide tourists to cast their nets. This job looks simple at first glance, but it requires a lot of ingenuity because if not careful, the net will get tangled. After casting the net, the fishermen let the boat run around. The next job that visitors have to do is knocking to attract the attention of fish into the net.

Near noon, when everyone in the group felt tired and hungry, the fishermen signaled to pull the nets to harvest fish. This is the most interesting stage for everyone. The net pulled up was laden with white scale fish glistening in the sea sun. Non-professional fishermen are taught how to remove fish so as not to tear the net. Everyone is satisfied and happy when pulling a fresh catch of fish.
Lunch consisting of dishes made from fresh fish is quickly displayed on the table. These are rustic, unfussy dishes prepared by the women of Vung Vieng fishing village in the vast space between the sky and the sea, giving people indescribable emotions.

On the train back to the port, the tourists all had the same mood that was joy mixed with regret. A day to become real fishermen has brought visitors both strange and interesting experiences, thereby helping them understand more things about the life of fishermen in the sea.

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