Le Journey Cruises has come a long way since the initial members’ started building our very first cruise in the 2000s.

The story about Mr. Hong – our founder would share our dreams and mission. A young man from a mountainous area, Mr. Hong strived to live in Ha Noi – the capital of Vietnam. He didn’t join any official university nor college, which caused huge difficulties in finding job at that time. Fate intervened when he became a cruise tour guide then tour leader working mainly in Ha Long. A plan was built on his sincere understanding and love for Ha Long Bay. He took the plunge in the early of the 2000s investing all his savings in a 10-cabin cruise. His journey and Le Journey begin. 

From the promising dawn of tourism to its peak, from a guide to the chairman of Le Journey Cruise Group, Mr. Hong has never lost his burning desire in creating an unforgettable and refined river voyage specified in Ha Long bay – his second hometown. His inspirational story and passion draw a guideline for our development. Before calling ourselves a business venture, we love to be your companion. Before being called a tour operator, we desired to be culture messengers. We wish to escort travelers on the real voyage of discovery, not just for landscape but for new eyes and experience. Our team is made up of genuinely friendly professional staff living the “guest comes first” vision.

Covid-19 started its existence, which brought us all down to the bottom. After 2 years of closure, the loss was more than just freedom, financial imbalance, but indescribable suffering and pain to some. We do hope your venture with Le Journey Cruises does not just simply fill our head with adorable memory, but ease our souls. We seek our traveler’s satisfaction smiles; wait-to-be-told surprising stories in glorious magnificently beautiful Ha Long Bay. We are eager to welcome every single guest as a friend. Our goal is to consistently give every guest an outstanding personal service from the heart focusing on sophistication and great memories.

We aim to offer valued packages with premium quality. We invite you to experience our unrivaled services with Le Journey - 4-star cruise (the big sister), Le Journey Classic – 3-star cruise (the middle sister), and Le Journey Luxury – 5-star cruise (the youngest one).


Let’s Le Journey sails and so do our adventure!

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